Project Description

Located on Lower Marsh, close to Waterloo station, the development features 20 micro-studios utilising prefabricated modular construction. The 5 story scheme occupies 137-139 Lower Marsh and sits within the Lower Marsh conservation area and on a Network Rail Freehold Site.

Main Contractor: CMT Design & Construction
Architect: Doone Silver Kerr Ltd
Structural Engineer: Price& Myers Consulting Engineers
M&E Design: BSEC Ltd
Project Statues: Completed
Project Value: £2,150,000.00

The development uses 30ft shipping containers as the building system so that the entire structure can be moved in the future at the end of the lease. The ground floor reception and café Restaurant are designed to complement the eclectic, independent and collaborative community of Lower Marsh.

Stow-Away Hotel is now open to the public.