Tamworth Yard

Project Description

Status: Under Construction

Type: New Build – Residential flat

Location: Croydon Central, London

Architect: Stitch Architects

Tamworth Yard is located in the heart of Croydon and is currently underway to deliver nine new homes distributed across two blocks arranged around a central courtyard. In this way, the development will alleviate the immediate, highly constrained surroundings.

The scheme restores a damaged part of the conservation area and presents a new street presence along Tamworth Place. The residential proposal is supported by a rich landscape design to replace the previous site, which had no soft surfaces. The journey through Tamworth Yard follows through streets, to a central courtyard, and into the private amenity spaces of the new homes.

Haling Park Road

Project Description

Status: Under Construction

Type:New Build-Residental

Location:South Croydon, Central London

Architect:Tone Architect


The Haling Park Road development is located only minutes from East Croydon Station and consists of eight self-contained residential units with dedicated parking spaces for each flat. Each thoughtfully designed unit accommodates four individuals, providing a new beginning for singles and families.

The development was designed specifically to ensure the lower ground floor level would be, for the majority, screened from the public highway. Not only does it give privacy to its residents, but the development also provides the building with an aesthetic appearance of a two-storey property, with accommodation throughout the roof space.

All flats will be on the upper storeys. The scheme was designed to flourish with its distinct character like no other in the vicinity.