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Dun Bridge House

Situated in Bethnal Green, an area in the heart of the trendy city’s diverse and multicultural east end, Dunbridge House was built to replace the Lord Hood Pub which had existed on brick lane. Due to a fire, the pub was no longer functional or fit for its purpose. It had now become a burden on the area, requiring renovation. Dunbridge House provides a new aesthetic and social dynamic to the neighborhood, breathing new life into the site and the street.

In an attempt to contribute to the rejuvenation of the area, a new residential scheme was proposed, to include 7 flats and 2 commercial units. It is of steel frame construction with natural /traditional lime renders.

Through the entire design and construction progress, the main challenge was in producing a building which was to be unique and modern, but without deviating from the relatively simple understated and communal nature of the area. The nearby park serves as a welcome and tranquil departure from the surrounding urban landscape, for new residents to use at their leisure.

Visually, the building’s main focal point is the use of cantilevered spaces, which essentially function as full height bay windows. However, the bold geometry of these protrusions have been designed to enhance the building character and give it a more expressive outward composure.

The extensive use of high windows and floor to ceiling glass on the Eastern facade allows for low angle sunlight penetration into the rooms, providing the interior spaces with adequate day lighting, whilst giving the exterior a more transparent quality.

The combination of smooth external rendering, steel beam cantilever structures and large panels of glass offer the site a greater sense of modernity, whilst simultaneously complimenting and contrasting with local traditional construction. The off-white colour of the walls and the slight blue hues of the window frames are a refreshing addition to the weathered reds and browns of the local brickwork.

This was a project designed to strike a delicate balance between sensitivity to site and the desire to introduce something new, advancing the site’s image but preserving its existing character.